Our services


  • Legal obligations

    Financial journals, inventories, annual accounts, etc. Key Advice helps you meet your legal obligations in terms of accounting. But we do more: using your numbers, we help you manage your business in the best way possible.

  • Reporting

    We take care of your business reports and dashboards. Both the legally-required part and custom reports. This will provide you with maximum insight into the workings of your company: from threats to opportunities.

  • Budgeting

    A good accounting system provides you with an opportunity to effectively plan ahead using facts. Together, we will make your budgeting more than guesswork. You will be able to make better decisions based on clear data and analysis.


  • VAT

    We help you comply with your national and international VAT obligations. From your tax return to answering specific tax questions: you can count on Key Advice.

  • Corporation tax

    We calculate how much tax your company will be required to pay. We advise you on applicable tariffs, tax incentives, and changing legislation.

  • Personal income tax

    Key Advice goes beyond filling out your tax return for you and your partner. We adjust your salary perfectly to the income of your business and your personal needs. This means you will be able to extract the most from your effort.

  • Taxation for legal bodies

    Key Advice is familiar with the tax obligations of non-profit organisations.


  • Advice for start-ups

    Would you like some guidance for starting your own business, choosing the correct legal form of the business, further growth, etc.? We can guide you through the administrative procedures and provide advice about your business plan.

  • Growth advice

    Using your current figures, track record, and business plan, we will work together with you to provide you with valuable insights, so you can plan a safe and profitable business future. We will assist you in finding the best form of financing.

  • Liquidation

    We will be happy to provide you with advice about valuations, potential acquisitions, and merger opportunities. Always constructive, but always realistic and objective. We have experience of the proceedings that will take place before the final dissolution of your company.

Good to know

We will refer you to external consultants for several things, for example, estate and succession planning, international taxation, taxation of foreign executives, tax regularisation, fiscal procedures concerning disputes, etc.


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